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Self Massage Protocol

This set was presented by Tom Bisio Lic.Ac.(NY) as part of a class
in Qi Gong and is reproduced here with his permission.


TAO YIN (Lead/Guide)

The Health Preservation Exercises are usually performed every day, first thing in the morning while lying or sitting in bed. The number of repetitions is based on Chinese numerology, in which nine or multiples of 9 are believed to be yang numbers, associated with the heavenly influences that help to dispel earthly accumulations and imbalances. The numbers are merely guidelines, for starting out. Later you can do the number of repetitions that feels right for you.

Preparation: Before starting the exercises, take a few moments to calm the mind. Sit or lie comfortably and breathe slowly letting the lower abdomen expand with the inhalation. If thoughts come to the mind observe them and let them pass on.

1. Click the teeth together 9x.

2. Then circle the tongue behind the upper teeth producing saliva.

3. Swish the saliva in your mouth, and then swallow it in 3 parts. Imagine each part traveling down the midline of the body to the area below the navel. There, imagine the saliva transforming into steam like water hitting a fire. Imagine that the steam expands outward to fill and warm the lower abdomen.

4. Massage the nose. Rub the hands together to warm them. Then use the side of the thumbs to massage downward from the center of the eyebrows and down along both sides of the nose 9 times. Then massage LI 20 (at the side of the nose).

5. Use the fingertips to massage around the eyes 9x.

6. Wash the face with the palms 9x.

7. Comb the Hair 9x.

8. Rub the Neck & Massage DU 16 (below the 7th cervical vertibrae) & GB20 (behind the ear lobe at the base of the occiput).

9. Beat the Sky Drum (top of the head).

10. Massage the ears.

11. Massage the throat 9x.

12. Rub the chest 9x.

13. Massage the Meridians of the Arms 12x.

14. Massage the left and right ribs 9x.

15. With both hands stroke upward from the lower ribs to the solar plexus. Then with the hands touching stroke down the midline of the body to the pubic bone 9x.

16. Put one hand on top of the other and massage below the navel in a circle 36x clockwise and then 36x counterclockwise.

If you suffer from constipation, massage only in a clockwise direction. This follows the direction of the movement of the intestines and aids elimination.

If your stools tend to be loose or you have diarrhea, massage only counterclockwise as this aids absorption.

17. Put the palms on the back and stroke upward from the sacrum to the kidneys 18x.

18. Massage the sacrum and the tailbone with the fingertips 9x.

19. Rub the knees with the palms, circling outward 9x and inward 9x.

20. With the palms massage the KID 1 on sole of each foot 81x.

21. Stand. Massage the Meridians of the Legs 12x.

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